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Pearl Bates, Outreach Coordinator

St. John Apostle, Oahu “I can’t stay detached”, laughs Pearl as she scurries around her crowded office at St. John Apostle. “If I help one person I feel good.” Retired from a career in civil service with the army,…

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Val Haole, Outreach Coordinator

St. Anthony of Padua, Oahu Val has served as Outreach Coordinator at St. Anthony of Padua for 8 years, a position she is both humbled and grateful to hold. “Before I accepted this position, I didn’t have anything to…

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Gloria Zane, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

Holy Trinity, Oahu Gloria Zane works upstairs in the Holy Trinity rectory. Quiet and cool, her office is as neat as a pin. She is totally prepared for our interview with meticulous documentation about the parish, her background, and…

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Debbie Kaeo, Outreach Coordinator

Debbie Kaeo served the Nanakuli community with great love and care for many years.  As the social ministry leader of St. Rita Church, Debbie’s aloha was unending - she was a Hawaiian with a big loving Hawaiian heart!  Food Pantry…

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