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Catholic Campaign for Human Development 2016

As we come to the close of  the Jubilee Year of Mercy, we would like to ask for your extra support and generosity on Sunday, November 20th. On that Sunday before Thanksgiving, catholic churches across the country will be taking up a special second collection for the US Catholic Bishops Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

CCHD is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty and encouraging independence for people working on the margins. Moneys raised will go toward community and economic development programs across the United States that help people in need join together to make decisions, seek solutions to local problems, and find ways to improve their lives and communities — in alignment with Catholic Social Teaching.

Here in Hawaii, CCHD has supported a wide range of projects working with the most vulnerable, including HOPE Services Hawaiʻi and the Pū’a Foundation, which help women return to community from prison, as well as families affected by incarceration.

This second collection on November 20th is the primary source of funding for CCHD. Your generosity is essential to make lasting changes for those in need. Please remember, 25% of the collection’s proceeds will stay right here in our diocese to support merciful work with the vulnerable in Hawaii. For more information, please visit the CCHD website.

Help us fight poverty, defend human dignity and mercifully Witness to Jesus. God bless and Aloha!

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