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Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl 2023-Bishop’s Endorsement

Aloha Friends in Christ,

Please join us this year in our annual CRS Rice Bowl—Catholic Relief Services’ Lenten faith-in-action program—so we can all respond to those most in need.

CRS Rice Bowl provides resources to bring Lenten spirituality to life for families, parishes and school communities while continuing to connect Catholics in our diocese with our global human family.We encourage you to order a CRS Rice Bowl poster to display in your communal space and enough Rice Bowls with Lenten calendars for each family in your community. These free materials are available on which also includes the following:

  • Devotions, like the Stations of the Cross, and prayers.
  • Lesson plans, videos and activity sheets for Catholic school teachers and religious educators.
  • Ideas for in-person or virtual community gatherings and simple Lenten meal events.

Mahalo for inviting families in your faith community to join us on an enriched season through CRS Rice Bowl. Together, we can respond to Christ’s call to help those in need and ensure everyone reaches his or her God-given potential.

To read Bishop Larryʻs Silvaʻs official endorsement letter, click here.

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