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For Lent for Life 2021 – Week #2

Second Week of Lent: Accompanying families in Madagascar

As we journey together through the second week of Lent, we encourage you to share the CRS Rice Bowl Stories of Hope that provide us opportunities to walk with families facing food poverty across the globe. During this coming week, let us reflect on those in the island country of Madagascar, where half of all children are undernourished. That means 50% of kids won’t grow to reach their full potential. As we pray and encounter Jesus, we can consider the following reflection:

We all need food to nourish us and keep us healthy. Without food, we find it hard to concentrate, study, do our work or even play. Jesus often shared meals with friends and even strangers, and he teaches us to be generous in sharing what we have to eat with others.

  • What role has food played in your life?
  • How can you help those who lack access to enough nutritious food?

Fortunately, you can be a part of CRS efforts to help parents in Madagascar learn how to keep their children healthy through nutritious “rainbow” diets of colorful fruits and vegetables grown in their own neighborhoods. This is particularly important for young children during their critical period of development.

Learn how CRS programs offer solutions for families to address conditions which lead to hunger and malnutrition.

To view this week’s Story of Hope from Madagascar, click here.


Be sure to reference WEEK 2 of your Rice Bowl Calendar that includes a weekly intention, Catholic Teachings and more.

For creative meatless meal ideas try this Madagascar Lenten Recipe!

To learn more about CRS Rice Bowl efforts in Hawaii, click here.

For more information or to have a Rice Bowl and calendar mailed to your home, email the Office for Social Ministry at

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