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ONE ʻOHANA: Food & Housing for All

Encountering Christ in Ministry with the Most Vulnerable

is why the Diocese of Honolulu Office for Social Ministry exists. Since 2007, we have been actively working with community partners to Healing Hunger & Homelessness as part of the Diocese of Honolulu Road Map: “Witness to Jesus.”

In 2012, we responded to Pope Francisʻs calling for a worldwide effort to address hunger through the Caritas Campaign: One Human Family: Food for All.
Those efforts were incorporated into a state-wide initiative called: “ONE ʻOHANA: Food and Housing for All.”

“ONE ʻOHANA: Food and Housing for All”

involves a wide range of activities and programs for individuals, families and communities to live their faith in action. Parishes throughout Hawaii have come together with community partners to incorporate “ONE ʻOHANA” Food and Housing for All” efforts in a Sustainable Food network.

One such example is the Ulu Planting Project of the Chuukese Community in Hawaii.

Palili O Kohala: Faith & Food – Kahua Paa Mua 4/28/2015

“ONE ʻOHANA: Food and Housing for All”

has also been incorporated into the worldwide efforts of the
Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl.


Learn more about CRS Rice Bowl activities in Hawaii.

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