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CRS Rice Bowl Lent 2024 Week #1

During Lent, we’re invited to act on this call through our Catholic tradition of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. When we practice these Lenten pillars, we enter a living relationship and unite our hearts with God and with one another.

With CRS Rice Bowl, the Lenten pillars will guide us to encounter Christ through our global family in Uganda, El Salvador and Indonesia—through our sisters and brothers who are finding ways to overcome hunger and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

As we go through these next 40 days, let us remember the words of Jesus, our bread of life, and be nourished by him in the Eucharist to walk with our global family.

For more creative ideas on how to move during this Lenten journey, or to learn about ways to prep more meatless dishes, visit CRS Ricebowl website.

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