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Second World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

“Do not be afraid . . . There is no need to worry and fret for our lives are firmly in God’s hands.” ~Pope Francis

In honor of the Second World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly on July 24, 2022, Pope Francis released a special message of hope for all our kupuna.  Quoting the bible: “In old age they will still bear fruit” (Psalm 92:15), our Holy Father urged all those who are aging to not give up and to look forward to a future of fruitfulness. Although many senior citizens face fears of failure, feeling unloved, unhappy or useless, he encourages all to remember the comforting words of Jesus: “Do not be afraid” (Luke 12:32).

Let us honor our grandparents and elders as living treasures and continue to pray especially for those who are suffering from loneliness, fear and anxiety.

“The elderly are a promise, a witness of promise. And the best is yet to come.” 

To read the Pope’s full message, click here.

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