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CRS Rice Bowl Lent 2024 Week #3

The Sorto Amaya family show hens they received from CRS’ Prospera project, which focuses on food security in Morazán, Ahuachapán and Sonsonate in El Salvador.
Photo by Oscar Leiva/Silverlight for Catholic Relief Services

This week’s story of hope features family farmers from Morazán, El Salvador where they experience long droughts and unpredictable rains, which have reduced their harvests and income. Fortunately, through a Catholic Relief Services project, Sandra Amaya was able to learn how to raise her own chickens and care for them properly. Now her family has access to their own eggs, which saves them money on food, especially now that prices are so high. In addition, her family eats healthier because they can eat a variety of foods, instead of just beans or tortillas with salt.  

Sandra now enjoys supporting other families by teaching them everything she learned.  

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